A supplier of industrial diesel and petrol delivery service in Southern Malaysia, Top Kim Oil Sdn Bhd (1124210-U) has won a solid reputation in the market by providing efficient fuel services to all sorts of industries.

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Business Overview

Abundant Transport Vehicles, Higher Service Efficiency

Top Kim Oil was founded in Johor, Malaysia, in 2007, with its 1-acre factory located in Senai Industrial Park in Johor, boasting of a well-developed diesel storage and related equipment to store 50,000 liters of diesel.

With years of stable expansion, we have purchased more than 10 fuel transport vehicles, including road tankers that can deliver tens of thousands of liters of fuel, making it a robust fuel supplier with adequate means of transport in Southern Malaysia.

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Stable Customer Base

Efficient Services that Attract 70% Stable Customers

Due to top quality fuel supply as well as good efficient services, coupled with hard work and good rapport with our clientele, we have developed 70% long-term customers, with the main emphasis in the construction and industrial sectors.

As a fuel supplier, we are authorized by Chevron Malaysia Limited as the master distributor of CALTEX industrial fuel in Southern Malaysia.

Business Licenses

Legal Compliance, Proper Business Operation

Our PDAs and CSA Licenses are issued by KPDNKK (Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi Dan Kepenggunaan/ Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs

  • License PDA2: for bunker fuel delivery service
  • License PDA3: for oil tank transportation
  • License PDA4: for fuel sales
  • License CSA: for fuel storage

Over the years, Top Kim Oil has been operating in full compliance with its business licenses in terms of fuel source, fuel quality and all aspects of its business, winning customer recognition and full trust of the supplier.