Business Overview

Abundant Transport Vehicles, Higher Service Efficiency

Top Kim Oil was founded in Johor, Malaysia, in 2007, with its 1-acre factory located in Senai Industrial Park in Johor, boasting of a well-developed diesel storage and related equipment to store 50,000 liters of diesel.

With years of stable expansion, we have purchased more than 10 fuel transport vehicles, including road tankers that can deliver tens of thousands of liters of fuel, making it a robust fuel supplier with adequate means of transport in Southern Malaysia.

Enjoying stable customer support, we have been maintaining an average monthly sales of 1.5 million liters of fuel over the years, with the highest sales record of 2.2 million liters!

Listed below are our oil tanker specifications:

10920-liter: 2

13650-liter: 1

21840-liter: 4

32760-liter: 2

43680-liter: 1

5-ton (wooden): 3

Bunker Fuel Supply

Meeting Required Conditions & Resources to Enter the Bunker Fuel Market

Over the years, we have also provided bunker fuel services, operated in cooperation with a related industry partner. After gaining some insight into this sector, we believe that this market offers attractive development potential.

Looking at the fuel supply market in Southern Malaysia, Top Kim Oil is highly optimistic about the bunker fuel market, and is keen to meet all required conditions and resources, including the purchase of a fuel carrier and getting the relevant license, to launch its marine fuel supply operation.

We have met all the conditions to enter the marine fuel supply market, including:

  • Comprehensive knowledge and modus operandi in this particular sector
  • The purchase of a fuel delivery vessel that can carry 1,000 tons of liters at a time
  • Our confidence in providing comprehensive pipeline services for bunker fuel
  • A well-established network, including a good number of long-term bunker fuel customers
  • The necessary investment fund

Well aware of the higher threshold of the bunker fuel market, Top Kim Oil is ready to make an inroad into this sector, writing a new chapter in company milestone.